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Do You Know What Cellulose Is?

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I spend a good amount of time studying the food that we eat.  I would like to think that I spend an equal amount of time looking at why certain things are good for us as well as why certain things are bad for us.  All of this being said, a HUGE one, cellulose, made it past me.  Do you like eating sawdust?  Do you think that this is the best way for the food industry to be adding fiber to our diet?  Check out this list of 6 secrets the food industry doesn’t want you to know, and then tell me that you don’t want to try Paleo! (Please note that this is from, the language is not work/family safe).



Monday’s Benchmark WOD:


30 Snatches for time
Men 135#
Women 95#

Compare to 1/17/11, 5/16/11

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