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Dick Tipp's Post Wodapalooza Report

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He’s back, and he is already focused on training for next year!

This was Rich’s first ever CrossFit competition. He had never even done a throw down with the boys from the hood! We say “way to go big out of the gate!” Wodapalooza is the Miami Fitness Festival. It’s televised. It’s busy. There’s pressure on that stage!

He reported nervousness before the first wod, and sheer enjoyment after that. He loved every second of it, and is more committed than ever to building strength. Congrats to Dick Tipp on his courage and good will!



Whole Life Challenge

It started yesterday! You still have a few more days to join in. If you are ready to create accountability in all aspects of your life, then this is a good game for you. Each week there is a unique lifestyle challenge. This week’s is Create Your Future. You get to declare three goals and write them daily. You also get to make them present tense. For example, instead of “I will get into college” it could be “I am admitted to the college of my choice.” Instead of “I will work on pull-ups” it could be “I do pull-ups.” In short, it’s time to be proactive in life, with goals, with eating, with what it takes to feel good. Sign up here to join the Wine Country CrossFit Team.

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