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Deviled Eggs -The Post Easter Solution

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Now that it’s the day after Easter we know you have a plethora of hard boiled eggs laying around. Here’s something fun and healthy to do with them.

We LOVE deviled eggs. At our house they go fast! In fact we enjoy them so much that we acquired a special deviled egg plate.

I had long coveted those deviled egg plates I would see at the home of friends and relatives. Finally I broke down and got my own. My plate holds 16 deviled eggs, so we hard boil at least a dozen eggs and snack as we go.

One of the big keys to successful deviled eggs is easy peeling. That is accomplished by cooling the eggs right away when the timer goes off at 10 minutes.

-First, drain all the hot water.
-Second, run cold water over them.
-Third, fill the pan with cold water and ice until it over-flows. Let them sit for at least 10 minutes in the ice bath.
-Fourth, peel and enjoy!

I always thought deviled eggs were paleo, but Stay Fit Mom added bacon crumbles on top which makes them even more legit. Find the Stay Fit Mom’s recipe HERE.