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CrossFitter in the Making

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Check out Avelyn doinga bit of CrossFitting at home with her mom Lorraine.  You all may know Lorraine if you have ever come to a mid morning class.  She’s the one you can always find on the rings working on her muscle ups.  She’s also the one who you have probably noticed who constantly has that little (Rx) next to her name on the board.  Well, I now know why it is Lorraine trains so hard.  She’s nervous!  She knows that she’s going to be chased ferociously by the next generation.  Lorraine’s daughter Avelyn is no stranger to the Wine Country CrossFit community, and it looks like she has developed some mad skills watching her mom in class on the weekends.  Check her out!



Friday’s WOD:

Deadlift: find 1rm

Complete 5 rounds:
7 deadlifts (315/225 rx)
21 Double unders

Comments: 4

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