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Memorial WOD, Deadlifts & Tabata

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Mark your calendars for December 17 when CrossFit Solano will host a memorial WOD for Officer Capoot. Details about him and the WODs are below. His death has personally affected some of the police officers that train with us, so let’s show our support for them and Capoot by showing up and working hard. Registration is from 8.00AM-8.45, and the first WOD starts at 9AM. Let’s go as a team and proudly represent Wine Country CrossFit, so put your name on the sign-up sheet in the gym by the door.


Capoot Fitness Challenge Announced


On 11/17/11 Officer Capoot of the Vallejo Police Department was shot and killed while in foot pursuit of a bank robber.  Prior to becoming a Police Officer Jim Capoot proudly served his country as a United States Marine and loved telling everybody the Marines where the best.  Officer Capoot met his wife Jennifer while stationed at the Mare Island Naval Base in Vallejo California. Jim and Jennifer have three beautiful, strong and courageous daughters together.  Officer Capoot followed his childhood dream of becoming a Police Officer, first serving with the California Highway Patrol and then with the Vallejo Police Department for the last 19 Years.  During his time with the Vallejo Police Department Officer Capoot worked various assignments.  He was in charge of VPD’s Junior Safety Patrol, an educational program designed to for elementary/middle school children.  For the past several years Officer Capoot donated countless hours to the Vallejo High School Girls Varsity Basketball team as the Head Coach. On 12/17/11 the men and women of CrossFit Solano will be performing a series of workouts to honor this Hero.  Please join us for a great day.

These will be a serires of partner workouts.  You and one other person will complete the workouts in order.  Jim was very fond of teamwork and after these WOD’S you will be super close with your partner.  Partners can be guy/guy, gal/gal, or guy/gal.  Don’t have a partner don’t worry! Just show up on 12/17 and we will find you one!  All of these WOD’s will have scaling options so from the seasoned CrossFit Veteran down to the Newbie you will get a great workout. We are asking for a minimum of a $20 donation per team.  All proceeds are going directly to the family so if you and your partner would like to donate more please do so.

WOD #1
In Honor of Jim being a very proud Marine competitors will have 3 Minutes to complete as many pull-ups as possible. Dead-Hang, Kipping, and Butterfly Pull-Ups are all great for an RX’D score.  Chin must go over bar and arms must lockout in the bottom.  Jumping Pull-Ups are the scaling option for this movement.  Only one partner may work at a time.

After the three minutes of pull-ups are up competitors will have 10 seconds of rest.  At the conclusion of this 10 seconds competitors will complete as many Hand Release Push-ups as possible in 3 minutes.  Athlete that is working must start in the full lockout position, go down touch his or her chest and legs on the ground, release the hands and then go back to full lockout.  No Academy Push-Ups (Not going to full lockout).  Only one partner may work at a time.  We figure that most people will be able to complete at least ONE push-up in the time allowed so there is no scaling option unless there is obvious injury, etc.

After the three minutes of hand release push-ups are over competitors will have 10 seconds of rest.  At the conclusion of this 10 seconds competitors will complete as many Air Squats as possible in 3 Minutes.  Competitors will start standing tall, then squat down to ball.  Once butt touches ball athlete can come back up to standing position.  Hips must be all the way open for rep to count.  Only one partner may work at a time.  Again we figure that most people will be able to complete at least ONE squat in the time allowed so there is no scaling option unless there is obvious injury, etc.

WOD #2
Vallejo Police Officers are issued a Badge Number the day they are hired.  This badge is unique to the individual.  It is never transferred or given to anyone else. Officer Capoot’s Badge number was “497”, he was the Departments 497th Police Officer to patrol the streets of Vallejo and had done so for 19 years.

Athletes will have 19 Minutes to Complete As Many Rounds Possible of:
4 Shoulder to Overhead (Press, Push Press, Push Jerk/Spilt Jerk all Okay)
9 Deadlifts
7 Front Squats
While one person is working the barbell the second person is running 497 Meters.  When the partner running returns he/she switches out with the person doing the barbell work.  The partner who had been doing the barbell work is now running.  This cycle repeats for the whole 19 Mins.  Score is based on the number of rounds completed on barbell work. (Think 31 Heroes WOD for those that did it)  Mens weight is #135, Women’s weight is #95.  Scaling is available and encouraged.

WOD #3
“Mystery Workout” I will tell you this; Jim loved basketball and having fun.  This workout is guaranteed to have both. Four to Six Minute Time cap on this WOD.

No matter your fitness level you can sign up for this event. All proceeds will go directly to the family.  Jim’s daughter Justine was a CFS member this summer in preparation for her upcoming Cross Country season.  Jim loved to run, stay fit and be active.  I know he would have made a great CrossFitter. Let’s show the Capoot Family what the CrossFit Community is all about!


Deadlift – find 1rm

Deadlifts @ approx 75% of 1rm
Box Jumps (24/20)
Body Rows

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