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Deadlift Away

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Image result for mark bell deadlift awayDeadlifts on the menu today. Massive core control is vital especially moving from the deadlifts to the Toes to Bar work in the metcon. You may have heard it said that Deadlifts really tax your Central Nervous System (CNS). Geek out here. It doesn’t seem like much when you are actually doing the lifting does it? You bend over, you pick it up. Done. But what’s really going on when you deadlift away? The deadlift is so effective at recruiting a maximal amount of motor units and for allowing maximal loading that it is  difficult to recover from…but deadlifts done with the proper parameters can contribute to muscle hypertrophy, pulling strength and performance better than any other exercise out there.¹ Try not to take deadlift work too lightly–be sure to listen to your body and don’t get caught up in what other folks around you are lifting or not lifting. Be patient and respect yourself.

Feel free to check in with Mark Bell on his thoughts about deadlifting (and be sure to pay attention to what he says about engaging the abs–and the importance of developing them for this lift).


Tuesday’s WOD

Deadlift Away

Build to a heavy triple with solid, good form and a braced back.


AMRAP 20 min.

30 Overhead Plate Lunges, 45/25
25 Deads, 185/135
20 TTB
200m Run

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