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Dave Z Goes Big Time

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Dave and Amy Zurowski Dave Z

Our very own “Dave Z” David Zurowski of the 4:30 class has started a new venture with his wife, Amy. TruMotus is their new shoppe and online store that supports a healthy lifestyle by offering members access to the finest curative collections of active lifestyle apparel and innovative gear.

David has been CrossFitting for at least five years. He started with the 6 A.M. crowd and quickly developed an addiction for the thrill of the WOD. We’ve been fortunate to help with his progression as an athlete, and we’re so proud of his accomplishments. The bestĀ and perhaps most inspiring aspect of this new adventureĀ is that his love of CrossFit is the inspiration behind it all. Let us be the first to say congratulations, Dave!

There’s nothing better than having our members start exciting new adventures, and we are so fortunate to support the Zurowski’s in every way we can. So, aside from helping out members of our Wine Country CrossFit family launch their business, here are even more awesome reasons to sign up for TruMotus:

  • Membership is Free! Just sign up HERE!
  • Get TruCash: receive ten bucks of TruCash for every 5 friends you send our way. (Details on the site)
  • First 100 sign-ups will become Founding TruMembers and have their name inscribed on our plaque that will be displayed in our Napa Shoppe
  • Additional TruCash rewards for membership and feedback (more details on this to come!)

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Zurowski’s as this exciting new journey unfolds, and we’ll be there to support them every step of the way! If you have any questions or initial feedback, please don’t hesitate to share them with us and Dave!


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