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Danasabe Mohammed, CrossFit Open

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Danasabe MohammedDanasabe  Mohammed AKA Papa Midnight

Our very own professional MMA fighter Danasabe Mohammed – AKA Papa Midnight – will defend himself in the Octagon this Saturday night in San Francisco at Kezar Stadium. Doors open at 3PM, fights start at 4PM, and Don will fight around 7.00PM. Come early, enjoy the energy, and support him in action. You can pick up tickets from Beth in the office until 3PM Friday, or you can purchase online here.



danasabe mohammed

The Open 

The Open is upon us!  This is when the entire CrossFit community, around the globe, drops all normal behavior and goes bezerk!  For five  weeks we will have special programming around The Open workouts!

First of all, what is The Open?  Every individual who does CrossFit, whether you are a beginner or Fittest Man, Woman on Earth (i.e. Rich Froning, Camille Leblanc Bazinett, etc) can sign up for The Open.  Beginning on February 25th, The Open is five separate workouts, spread over five weeks, that are announced each Thursday evening to big fanfare at 5:00 PM– this can be watched live, streaming, on the Crossfit Games website. The workouts are usually short and intense.  There are scaled options available.  Scores must be submitted by 5:00 PM Monday evening. That means that all athletes (You!), have 4 days to get this workout finished.
We want EVERYONE at Wine Country Crossfit to sign up online here and do these five workouts.  Why? Because it’s fun! By signing up for The Open, you will be part of something BIG….moreover,  it will push you to challenge yourself more than you ever have before!  There are categories by age and gender (teens and Masters too) and there are scaled workouts.  Even if you know you are away one weekend, you can drop into another Crossfit affiliate anywhere in the WORLD and ask them to judge you.
This year we will program the Open Workouts each Saturday, and everyone will do the workouts, regardless if you have officially signed up or not.
This is how we will run The Open at WCCF:
Thursday at 5pm: Live Stream of the Open Announcement.  We will have a monitor and stream this announcement at the gym!
Friday – normal programming during the day. Friday evening from 6:30 pm Open Heats available for athletes not able to come on Saturday.
Saturday: Heats at 9 am and 10 am. Open 2016 Workouts
Top of the Hour: Announcement of Standards for the Workout, a suggested warm up on the board, followed by Heats. Each athlete will do the workout and be judged by a fellow athlete. You must be willing to judge and give a No Rep!
Check it out!  This is fun and we want a HUGE Wine Country Crossfit team this year!

Dates of the Open Workouts

16.1: Feb. 25 – 29
16.2: March 3 – 7
16.3: March 10 – 14
16.4 March 17 – 21
16.5 March 24 – 28

What folks say about The Open:

The Open is an opportunity to push myself even more than I might in a class workout. I’m not a competitive person by nature, nor had I ever pushed myself athletically in any sport, so CrossFit itself has been good for me. Being in the Masters group I like to see how my fitness compares with others in my age group. It’s a good challenge for me!

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