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CrossFit-TRX Mash Up!

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Thursday morning at 6AM on June 6th we will host a CrossFit-TRX Mash Up! Get ready for fun as Coaches Jackie and Corey mix things up between the two classes.

Our Thursday Mash Up this week is designed to demystify and invite. Love the TRX classes but just not sure what those people are doing over there with those barbells? Now’s the time to find out! Are you crazy about CrossFit and wonder what all the hubbub is in the other room? Well here you go!

It’s easy in our fitness lives to become complacent, to always do the same things. To paraphrase Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, mixing it up and trying different sports is critical to your well-rounded capabilities as an athlete. Now’s the time as the Mash Up has arrived.

Please arrive five minutes early as the Mash Up will start on time.