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CrossFit Total

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We work on strength a lot at Wine Country CrossFit.  Having more strength affects all aspects of our life, and generally makes us more useful.  Think of it this way: when was the last time you heard someone say “boy I wish we had a scrawny person around to help with this”?  Can’t remember that situation?  I’m not surprised.  On top of making us more useful, having more strength will change your abilities in metcons too.  Thinking back last week to Fran (with 95lb thrusters), if one athlete can front squat 250lbs and another can front squat 125lbs, who do you think has an advantage?

Today we get a chance to test your total strength.  Put on your liftin’ shoes and get into the gym for the CrossFit Total.  I want to see some PRs!



CrossFit Total:

Athletes have three consecutive attempts to complete their highest 1 rep attempt at the following three lifts:
Back Squat

Add together all numbers for score.

Compare to:

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