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CrossFit Open On The Horizon

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CrossFit Open logoWe saw many impressive performances last week with the 20 Rep Max Back Squat. Congrats to all of you hard workers! Now we look to The CrossFit Open. It begins on February 25th, and we encourage you to SIGN UP! It’s only with competition that we see what we are made of, and how deep we can really dig. You will learn new things about yourself and your athletic capabilities. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a competitive atmosphere every now and then?!

If you are looking for more information on the CrossFit Open, go here. In addition we will post a synopsis later this week!



Monday’s WOD – Barbell Cycling

AMRAP :15 Power Snatches 135/95
AMRAP :25 Hang (above knees) Power Cleans, 135/95
AMRAP :15 Push Jerks, 135/95
AMRAP :25 Front Squats, 135/95

5 RFT:
200m run
15 Kipping HSPU



Tuesday’s WOD – Wall Ball Work

3 attempts at max effort wall balls unbroken
***try to get to the 20/14 weight if you aren’t there. We are getting to the CrossFit Open season, so let’s get to those standard weights

4 rounds:
1 min sledge hammer
1 min TTB
1 min cal row
1 min rest



Wednesday’s WOD – Burbeeeeeeeeeeeees!

Double Under Practice 10 Min

CrossFit Open 12.1
7 min AMRAP target burpees (6″ above reach)



Thursday’s WOD – Casondra’s Birthday WOD

WOD in teams of two:
40 min AMRAP–
40 pullups
40 power cleans (115/85)
40 HSPU (scale to HRPU then to pushups as necessary)
40 push press (115/85)
1 deadlift each to grow on (405/305) or at least 95% of your 1RM



Friday’s WOD – Scap Work & Pacing

5 sets of 8
scap pushups

2k row
KBS 53/35
ring dips
***rest 3 mins
then 1k row at a faster pace than 2k




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