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CrossFit Loves Charles Willson…

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And Charles Willson loves it back!

What I’ve noticed in the 10 years of running a CrossFit gym is that we literally turn back the clock for people. While most of us over 35 are losing 3% of muscle mass a year,  CrossFitters are not. Osteopenia diagnoses are reversed when folks start CrossFit and address their nutrition. Range of motion issues are addressed when athletes use the mobility tools we teach to get those tight joints and muscles moving.  Cholesterol drops. Glucose resets. Resting heart rate improves.

Charles is a great example of how CrossFit keeps you young. He recently moved to Saigon and found a CrossFit gym in his neighborhood. But we get to have him with us in Napa for the next two months. Welcome back Charles, and thanks for the inspiration!