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Counting Macro Nutrients Did This!

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Drew works out at Wine Country CrossFit. If you are in the gym at the same time as he you can’t help but notice his work ethic. In his day job he is a police officer and a father of two, so he has a full plate. For years he has followed the Paleo Diet which is very low carb and high fat. He eats plenty of meats. veggies, nuts and fruits

In July he joined our nutrition coaching program, changing from Paleo to Counting Macro Nutrients. The results show in the above pictures, and here is what he has to say about his experience so far:

What is the biggest change in how your diet was before and now? “I get to eat a lot more carbs, and my diet is much more flexible in what I can actually consume.”

How was the transition from never counting or tracking your food to measuring and logging all of the food you consume? “The first week was a learning experience and a challenge, but once I figured it out and developed a system it became much easier. Now it is second nature for me, and I track and log my macros more than I use social media. I really enjoy the process.”

How was the learning experience for Counting Macros with Coach Alyx? “It was very easy. I sat down with Coach Alyx and told her my goals. She then configured my numbers based on my goals. She sat me down and showed me how to use the app to track my food, then explained where I can make changes in my current diet in order to  meet those numbers. She made it very easy and accessible to understand the change from Paleo to Counting Macro Nutrients.

What is the BIGGEST change you noticed since counting Macros, in and out of the gym? “My intensity and recovery have both skyrocketed. I’ve been able to take on more volume in the gym. Sometimes I work 16 hour shifts and I still have the energy to get all of my training done and feel great afterward. I think the added carbs and more balanced diet are really helping. Outside the gym I can tell I am much happier. I don’t get “hangry” like I used too because I always feel full and energized. The physical change, getting leaner, has boosted my confidence. I look and feel much stronger and I’ve only seen a 5-8lb change on the scale! I honestly didn’t know it was possible to lose weight and also be stronger in the gym at the same time.”

What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about starting to Count Macro Nutrients? “I would just say, “trust the process.”  If you buckle down and stick to the numbers, you will see results. My before and after pictures are eight weeks a part and I still can’t believe the change!”

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