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Community Service & Memorial Day Logistics

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Community Service

Wine Country CrossFit gave back to the community last weekend when we set up our obstacle course at the annual Girls On The Run event at Kennedy Park. This year’s community service theme was “Super Heroes,” and we had 50 kids race their way through the course. They choose a card at the beginning which corresponds to where they pick up the weighted ball. They leap, skip, hop and crawl their way through, returning time after time in an attempt to beat their previous time. A good time was had by all!

IMG_2801 community service girls on the runIMG_2830 community service girls on the run IMG_2823 community service girls on the run IMG_2819 community service girls on the run IMG_2805 community service girls on the run IMG_2776 community service girls on the run IMG_2755 community service girls on the run IMG_2753 community service girls on the run


IMG_3613 Hilary Wendel WCCOLY compWine Country Classic

Our very own Coach Hilary participated in the Wine Country Classic Olympic Weightlifting Competition on Saturday. This fun event was hosted by CTS, the very same people who used our West Wing for nine months following the earthquake for their bootcamp program. In her own words:

I just finished my first Oly Lifting Meet and it was a great experience.  I didn’t PR but I did complete 6 of my 6 lifts (you get to try only 3 attempts at the snatch and 3 at the c&j). One was not counted because I dropped the bar before the bell went off (newbie mistake), and two were not counted because I “pressed out” on my jerk – where you are supposed to immediately lock out. Still, I am pleased with the result, and I learned a ton!  JC and I watched some of the other heats and we were inspired and learned so much watching these athletes!  In fact, we have a crazy idea…stay tuned for a “mock” In House Oly Lifting Competition that we will be pulling together soon! Now that the meet is behind me, I am excited to get back to CF style workouts at our box-I missed CF  style programming!



Memorial Day Murph & Barbecue

barbell club murph challenge

In one week we will slog, um I mean skip, our way through Murph. Monday, May 30 at 10AM is when the workout will begin. Scaled versions are available so don’t be shy! We are an official Murph Foundation Host, which means that we love that Lt Michael Murphy was a big reader, and we want your donation to send kids to college. If you want to get the cool shirt and support the foundation then sign up here. If you just want to do the WOD and commune with your CrossFit brothers and sisters, then just show up!

Barbecue Details:

-Burgers will start coming off the grill at 11AM

-Meat and fixins provided by WCCF

-Please bring your favorite Paleo side dish

-Please bring plates and utensils so that this is a Zero Impact event

-Add your name to the board at the door so we know how much meat to bring

-Sign up in advance for baby sitting please!

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