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Coach’s Tip – Maintain A Neutral Neck

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Coach’s Tip – Maintain A Neutral Neck

Coach's Tip - Maintain A Neutral NeckWe are more powerful when our neck and spine are in alignment. Regardless of whether you are squatting, pressing, pulling, or dead lifting something heavy off the ground, the safest and best position for your head is directly in line with your spine.

I know we see heaps of examples that lack alignment, but I want you to try it on for size. Pick a spot on the floor the next time you dead lift that forces your gaze at a 45 degree angle. Try your lift. Now set up for the lift and gaze UP, as you most likely have many times before. Which lift feels better?

Not exactly sure how to get into the neutral spine position? Watch this short video for a great explanation. And please let us know in the gym which position feels the most powerful for you!