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Coach’s Tip: Butt Back First

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As coaches we are constantly giving cues. We always look for the right words, the subtle nuances that will communicate to you, our athletes, how to move better.  We believe the devil is in the details. This week it’s:

Coach's Tip: Butt Back First

There you are, all loaded up and ready to squat. You screwed your feet in the ground. You pulled your shoulder blades together. You sucked your belly in. Now’s the time: Butt Back First!

You might think when you look around the gym on squat day that it’s cool to just drop straight down. But hinge those hips back just a bit and you’ll recruit that amazingly powerful set of muscles on the back side. Your knees will thank you, and your coaches will applaud!

With the Deadlift and Kettlebell Swing, and in fact with all the hinging movements we have the same mantra: Butt Back First! Want to learn more about it? Read below!

Difference Between Hinge and Squat Exercises