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Coach Hilary’s Adventure

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Coach Hilary was away for a good chunk of January. In the short letter below she explains the heartfelt and inspiring adventure that took her to Bangladesh:

Dear members of WCCF.  Please excuse me for being so absent  in January.  I recently got back from another trip to Bangladesh, for an incredibly exciting event at the community center my parents founded when they lived there for more than 15 years. Since they passed away a few years ago, I  am now the main  caretaker of the programs they started.  Of course my husband and kids support me and feel equally responsible, but it really has become both my burden and my blessing to bear.  A burden because I feel constantly guilty that I could do more.  A blessing because I know that this project is truly making a difference in the lives of these children, who are the poorest of the poor.
This trip was a turning point as I now have a local partner to help with the day to day operations of a new school that is hosted in the community center my parents founded.  This addition of the local partner will make the school even more of a game changer in the lives of these kids!
The reason for this trip was the official opening ceremony of the school. I stood on a stage and gave a welcome speech to hundreds of eager faces, representing the inaugural class of students and parents, of the newly formed Chittagong Grammar School in the village of Bhatiary, Bangladesh. Many of our students have never gone to school before. This free school offers a chance to break the cycle of poverty, and give them a basic education that they desperately need but cannot afford.
If any of you, our amazing WCCF members, would like to join me on a trip to Bangladesh please speak to me in the gym!  If you are curious to learn more about my trip and how this all came to be please read this. 
Warmest, Coach Hilary