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4th of July Schedule, Meet Clem Richardson, WLC WOD #1

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Weekend of the 4th

We will observe the Federal Holiday on July 3rd with one group class at 9AM. Saturday July 4th will be business as usual with a 9AM Level 1 class, and a 10AM Elements class. Sunday July 5th there will NO Open Gym.



Clem Richardson– WCCF Journey Brings Weight Loss, Muscle, Fitness

clem start clem richardsonClement Richardson came to Wine Country CrossFit in August 2014 weighing 320 pounds. Soon after starting he started losing weight and  gaining muscle. Today he weighs 285, including 20 pounds of new muscle, and his blood pressure has dropped from “too high” to 105/78.

A financial adviser and VP-Investments for Umpqua Investments Inc. in St. Helena, Richardson said he was initially wary of CrossFit training.

“I was personally not a big believer, I thought it to be a little cultish, too groupie,” said Richardson, 42. “But then I really got good results, quite frankly.”

Richardson started out with one-to-one training with the coaches at WCCF, and soon switched his diet from vegetarian to Paleo.  “My clothing got baggy, as I lost five inches on my waist, two inches on my arms and one inch on my neck,” he said. “I still have to get better clothing, but it’s a good problem to have.”

He said CrossFit is a good system for busy people because the exercise routines are efficient.

clem 1 Clem Richardson“It’s a good use of time because you get the combination of weightlifting, cardio, rowing, squatting and working safer and smarter,” said Richardson.

“The coaches are all exceptional, and Beth Rypins is one of the best because she can connect with individuals. She has an inspiring life story, and she increases athletes’ capacities.”

He said anyone still on the fence about CrossFit should simply try a class to see what it’s like.

“You won’t be intimidated,” he said. “Instead, you will find people who are also facing life challenges, who adopt the attitude of cheering each other on.”

Clem Richardson, who grew up in Antigua, West Indies, now lives Upvalley.


Story by Doug Ernst


Monday’s WOD

Front Squats
Build to a heavy set of 5



You have 7 minutes to complete as many rounds and repetitions of the following:

5 Front Squats
7 Bar Facing Burpees

Men 155/95/65
Women 115/65/35

100 Push Up Programs


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