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Cleans and Clean Eatin'

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As a reminder, Wine Country CrossFit Will Be Closed Monday May 30th, in honor of Memorial Day.

It’s a Friday before a long weekend, who are you kidding?  You’re not getting any work done today.  So, you might as well spend some time checking out some great Paleo resources!

First off, you have a long weekend ahead, and probably need a project.  How about curing your own bacon?  How cool is that?

The Path To Culinary Bliss:  Home Cured Bacon

We all know man can’t live off of bacon alone (or can he?) so you’re going to need side dishes.  How about a smoked brisket or side of ribs?  This article from Lifehacker details how to turn your regular Weber grill into a smoker:

Turn a Charcoal Grill Into A Smoker

Of course, we can’t be choosing poorly raised grain fed meats to put in our smoker, so you’ll want to know what to look for on the packaging:

Choosy Meat Buyers Know Label Tricks

Of course, you’re going to need a recipe for the Grass fed beef that you want to BBQ, this one sounds divine, even if it does include some gluten from the beer:

Coffee Steaks Under the Influence

And while they are grilling up (or in the smoker) you’ll want some affirmation of the choices that you have made in making a lifelong change to your health through CrossFit and Paleo:

1 in 5 Young Adults Have High Blood Pressure

Confessions of a Corporate Wellness Coach

That ought to keep you busy for three days.  I hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial day weekend!



Grass Fed Beef Update:

I found a new producer that I am emailing with out in the East Bay.  I hope to have good news about pricing and timing soon!


Friday’s WOD:

Cleans (look for 1RM off the floor)

Every Minute on the minute for 12 minutes perform:
2 power cleans
10 Double unders

The goal is to go as heavy as possible through  the power cleans.  The weight is variable each set, but each set should feel as close to failure as possible.

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