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Cleans & EMOM-It's All In The Wrists

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It's All in the WristSo you ever come off of a session working Cleans, Presses, and Overhead Squats with sore wrists? “The amount of stress and tension being placed on the wrists from heavy weight can create a lot of pain, and when combined with a lack of attention to the flexibility of the joint (not to mention working at an office where you are required to use the computer all day) this can quickly lead to poor wrist mobility, an inability to get into the front rack position—thereby limiting one’s capability to execute a lift—and the risk of creating further damage and injury”…article here. It’s also important to understand that the problem with your wrists isn’t necessarily just a problem with your wrists!



Wednesday’s WOD

Clean Work –

Beginner – Hang Power Clean from Position 1- work skill at light-medium weight
Intermediate – Hang Power Clean from Position 2 – work up to 3 reps at medium weight, perform 5 sets of 3
Advanced – Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk – Find 1 RM

Abs of Steel: Tabata Supermans


EMOM 10 minutes

2 Cleans (same kind you worked in skill portion)
10 Clapping Push-ups (sub hand release)

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