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Ubuntu veggie market & Yoga, Cleans & On the Minute

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Ubuntu has a cool farmers market happening on Fridays from noon to 4PM. They sell beautiful, clean veggies that are all biodynamically grown in their own gardens. You may ask yourself, what is biodynamic? As Marco says, it’s organic on steroids. I ate everything I bought this week, and they were amazing and fresh and flavorful. I didn’t know what a few of the items were, and the staff explained what they were and even how to cook them. I’m now a BIG fan of sun chokes and pink turnips.

Here’s what I HIGHLY recommend: Go to the 12.30 yoga class at Ubuntu on Friday, and then buy veggies on the way out. The yoga teacher asks what you are looking for as the class begins, and she caters the content to CrossFitter’s tight muscles. The flexibility training will improve your performance, and you’ll feel lean and mean with all the healthy food.

The veggies and the yoga will rock your world!



Cleans (From floor, full squat) find new 1rm

Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes complete 2 power cleans followed by 10 double-unders.  The goal is to move as much total weight as possible.

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