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CrossFitter Brad Bradshaw – who is a CHP office – and son Scotty were driving south on Jefferson. While waiting at a red light a drunk driver smashed into him. The guy hit him so hard that he was pushed into the car in front of him, and that car was pushed into the car in front of it! Brad got out of his car and approached the driver behind him, who was trying to start his car and attempt a get-away. Brad reached inside and turned off the engine. He also told the driver of the car in front of him to call 911. The drunk driver got out of his car and started running. Brad took off after him, and 3/8 of a mile later caught him. Brad walked him back to the scene of the accident, and found Sgt. Scott Holliday had responded to the call. “Good thing you CrossFit now cuz it made catching that guy easy” says Officer Holliday.

Brad’s car was totaled, and he reports that “Scotty only got a slight seat belt bruise.  I don’t think the drunk, unlicensed, uninsurred illegal in the vehicle not registered to him, was hurt at all (except for a bloody lip, severely sore arm and shoulder after I caught him).  Thank you for helping me to stay fit and capable to do my job (even off duty).”

Three cheers to Team Wine Country CrossFit in action!



Cleans:  Find new 1RM

Run 400m
12 power cleans (135/95)
21 Push Ups
Run 400m
8 power cleans
15 push ups
Run 400m
4 power cleans
9 push ups

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