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Average Joe's Comp Clean Pulls to Power Cleans

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Average Joe's clean pulls to power cleansThis weekend, on Saturday, is the Average Joe’s Competition happening at CrossFit Diablo. Our very own Hilary Wendel and Aaron Hodge are competing. They are not average to us in any way, and if you feel the same then please head on over and show them some support! Their heats are at 9AM and 12PM, and I know they would love to see some of our community there to cheer them on. Please consider making the trip down to show them the love. And, if you want to help out it looks like the event can use a few more volunteers. For more info click here.

Like last week¬†we get to work on our clean pulls again. Unlike last week we’re going to translate the clean pulls to power cleans. Take this time to get really comfortable with the movement. You may find that you feel wonky right off the bat. Just keep plugging away at it and add weight until you can’t get anything past your waist when in full extension. Then you know it’s time to start working harder on them! Focus on the tempo and speed you need to create in order to get that bar to a height that you can drop under.


Friday’s WOD-From Clean Pulls to Power Cleans

Clean Pulls from Position 2

Find a 3 Rep Max. Then do a 3×5 drop set at 70%.

Push Up Program

15-12-9 reps for time of:
Power cleans 135/95lbs
Heavy Wall Balls. IE use one size up from what you normally use. If you already use a #20 ball then use a red one.

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