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Clean Pulls & Double WOD Perfectionism

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A great quote and post the other day from a friend on Facebook:

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor.” ~Anne Lamott

After almost two months of daily #jojospeaks, yesterday was the first day that Jojo didn’t speak. We all have those days, Jojo reminded me. You know how upsetting it is when you’ve committed to doing something consistently, then you “mess it up.” Like eating well, exercising regularly, sleeping 8 hrs/night, being nice, keeping stress levels down, etc. You’re so dedicated — then some extenuating circumstance or a slip in motivation throws a wrench in it. It’s tempting to go down the perfection path: “My streak is over, so I guess I’m done now.” But there’s not much logic to that. If what you committed to originally was worthwhile, isn’t it still worthwhile despite missing a day or two? Isn’t some better than none? Isn’t most better than all?

What do you need to forgive yourself for so you can keep moving in the direction you want to go?

Here she is, back on the horse:  #jojospeaks #howtobeaperson #makemoreroom #forgiveness #perfectionism 

Megan Kaden's photo. perfectionism
I really like Megan’s point about “isn’t most better than all?” Many times we come to class and we are not “in it to win it”–perfectly acceptable and definitely still leads to overall gains. Yesterday, I talked about the Whole Life Challenge and how I hoped it inspired you to think in positive ways about your successes and to build on those rather than dwell on the cheats you took or the days you didn’t get all of the boxes checked.
I know I tell you to be perfect in your lifts–and I really do want you to strive for that every day, it’s what keeps you safe–but if you’re feeling less than perfect, recognize that it’s okay. You’re still in it. You may have to adjust your expectations down a bit. Maybe your 1RM today isn’t a PR but some is definitely better than none and I’m so glad you choose to pursue your good health and vitality at WCCF.


Wednesday’s WOD

Skill Work: Clean Pulls
Work from Position 3, focus on dynamic hip-opening followed by the shrug and pull
Find 1 RM

Double WOD:

6 Minute AMRAP
5 Burpees
5 Clean & Jerk @ 165lbs/105lbs (or 60% of C&J 1RM)

Rest 3 Mins

10 Dead lifts @ 185lbs/135lbs (or 50% of Deadlift 1RM)
10 Box Jumps @ 24″/20″ (Jump-up, Step down)

Push Up Program

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