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Clean Pulls

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The clean pull is a basic and important exercise for training the extension of the clean in terms of strength, speed, power, posture and balance. Lifters will be able to manage heavier weights than in the clean, which allows the development of strength to push weights in the clean. The clean pull can also be used as a remedial exercise to practice balance and position in the pull, or as part of a learning progression for the clean.¹ Image result for neck extension clean pullsUse the time in the clean pull work to also focus on your spinal alignment specifically in your head position.  You want to keep your gaze in line with your torso maintaining a neutral spine the entire length of the spine–don’t crane your neck up or hang your head at any point during the lift. Even in the wall ball part of the workout, play around with a lighter ball maybe today and practice trying not to extend your neck position into such an extreme position.  You can give your eye muscles a little exercise and try to keep your head position parallel to the wall in front of you. You might not send the ball as high as you are used to but it’s good to mix things up a little, right?


Friday’s WOD

Clean Pulls from Position 2


Push Up Program

15 – 12 – 9 reps for time of:
Power cleans 135/95lbs
Heavy Wall Balls

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