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Clean Out Your Shoes!

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We are sponsoring a shoe drive that will benefit Legacy Youth Project. Clean out your shoes to benefit this great non-profit that was started by our very own Carlos Hagedorn.

We are looking for gently worn used and new athletic shoes and sneakers. Please no dress shoes, sandals, brown shoes, flip flops, cleats, etc.

Tie the laces together and leave them in the box. The donated shoes are repurposed, and the proceeds will benefit Legacy Youth Project‘s spring trip to Southern California.

Carlos founded the Legacy Youth Project in 2013 to provide academic leadership and cultural support to at-risk youth. He calls this his Heartwork, and Legacy’s track record is phenomenal: 100% of Legacy students have graduated from high school; 91% of Legacy students enroll in college; 75% of Legacy students raise their GPA. He turns “at-risk” upside down, and his students all show promise.

Clean out your shoes, and make a difference for “at-risk” kids in Napa. Just think: Your gently used athletic shoes help to turn kids lives around. Clean out your closet now to fill the big box by the glass doors in the gym!