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Check Out Our New "Recipes" Section

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There was a great idea brought up by Sue in the Paleo group last week: “Why not have a recipes section on the blog?”  You ask and we will deliver!  If you visit the blog, you will now notice that on the right hand side, included in the list of categories, is now a section called recipes.  What now?  We need your help to fill it up!  I added in a few posts from the past that included great recipes, but we need some good new stuff.  Did you find a great recipe during the Paleo challenge?  Did you find a way to tweak an old favorite?  Send them our way!  If you have the chance to take a quick picture of your creation, that is very helpful too.  Please also include your source so that we may give credit where credit is due.

Send recipes to or



Monday’s Benchmark WOD:


150 Wall Balls for time (20/14)
Compare to 6/8/10, 12/6/10, 3/21/11, 7/25/11

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  1. This is fantastic! We all need encouragement and reminders that IT’S NOT HARD and WE NEVER SUFFER while eating Paleo. With basic cooking skills and just thirty minutes (or less), you can whip up a feast for which your whole self–mind, body, and unquenchable spirit–will thank you.

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