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Burning Man = CrossFit

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In late August I took a vacation to the Burning Man Festival held in the Black Rock Desert, NV. It is an annual art, culture and music festival that takes place in the middle of nowhere. A city is built with streets, roads, laws, governance, humanity, and no commerce is allowed. Aside from purchasing ice, no money exchanges hands. So, what does one do out there in the blazing hot desert in the middle of August? Play!I went with old kayaking friends. We set up a camp with our RV’s and trailers. We made shade, a kitchen, brought bicycles, and ate paleo most of the time. We dressed up, cruised around the desert on our bikes and checked out ART. Creativity takes on all sizes and shapes, form and interpretation. In fact everything at Burning Man is an art form!


A big part of the magic for me was being with friends and dancing to the music. Most of

Ice cold drinking fountain as an Art form

the music in this venue is electronic, and House is the beat and vibe of the day. Morning House, Deep House, Trance House, it all goes. I still love Rock n Roll, but the music combined with friends and the magic of the desert is hypnotic and therapeutic.



So how does CrossFit correlate to a 5 day party in the desert? Well you have to be FIT to survive! I played with friends and danced for 5 days straight, and I know I could not have sustained that output without strength training and CrossFit as a backdrop to my life.


I loved going, and I loved coming home to Napa, my family, and our great CrossFit community.



Tuesday’s WOD:

1 Snatch Balance & 2 OH Squat (1-1-1-1-1)

Death by 10m

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