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Bulletproof Macarons & Tacos El Muchacho Alegre

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Bulletproof Macarons & Tacos El Muchacho Alegre


Bulletproof Macarons

Macaron or Macaroon? You’ve seen them all over in the specialty bakery cases in many markets and they are truly a special treat. Chef Aaron Hodge has a new and inspired offering for the holidays and they are DELICIOUS! Looking for a unique holiday gift? This might be just the thing. Aaron will have samples at the gym on Tuesday for all interested parties. Place your order directly from him at He will hand deliver your cookies to you at the Holiday Workout and Brunch on December 19, so order now. Want to learn more about Aaron and all that he offers in the culinary world? Visit these sites:




Tacos El Muchacho Alegre

Have you noticed the new taco truck that parks just east of the gym on Jackson? It is worth stopping by for a visit! Authentic, delicious, anBulletproof Macaroons & Tacos El Muchacho Alegred able to accommodate my request for Paleo, I have filled up my belly for a VERY economical price. Try it out and support the family of new CrossFitter Karla Gomez who just completed the On Ramp. We welcome her to our CrossFit family,  and congratulate her family on their new endeavor!Bulletproof Macaroons & Tacos El Muchacho AlegreBulletproof Macaroons & Tacos El Muchacho Alegre

From Karla: “Thank you for supporting my family’s new business and spreading the word. Tacos el Muchacho Alegre is a new Mexican food truck in town serving tacos, tortas, quesadillas, sopes, and burritos. My younger brother, Amador Jr. is the main chef and very willing to make custom orders. The truck will be parked outside of Universal Auto, on 751 Jackson Street, (down the street from the box) Monday through Saturday from 8am-8pm. Customers can call in their orders ahead of time by calling (707) 398-1526.

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