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Parie Lambert, Box Squats, Zurchers, & Pull Ups

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Many of you may know Parie who works out in the 8 and 9AM classes. She has been training for months for the Aids ride from SF to LA, and she and her husband are in the midst of the adventure. Sunday they rode 82.5 miles to Santa Cruz. Monday  106.1 miles to King City, and yesterday they pedaled a measly 66.7 miles from King City to Paso Robles. It sounds like one of the hardest parts of the adventure so far has been trying to sleep amidst earth shaking snores from the tents next door!


They trained hard for this event, but I think the effort is catching up with them. I just received this photo from them and Parie suggests that this is a new CrossFit move!

Here’s hoping that the 2nd half of the journey is as successful as the first. May the wind be at their backs, and sweet sun overhead.



Speed Box Squats – 12×2 on the minute

Zurcher Squats – 10-10-10

Strict Pull Ups – 3 x Max reps

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