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Lisa's Mud Run, Box Squats & Pushup/Squat WOD

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Our very own Lisa Henry completed the 5K Down and Dirty Mud Run this past weekend. It was a super fun three mile run broken up with military style obstacles, including cargo net crawls,  ladder climb, cargo net climb, slanted wall with rope to crawl up, a wade through the cold (but refreshing lake), tube crawl, and of course two different mud pits to get you nice and dirty. She improved her time by 5 minutes from last year and  says she “could really feel my strength in the up hill portions (flying by those walkers). We can’t wait for next year for an even faster time, and we want to get our kids involved in the adventure kids version held the same day.”

Congrats to Lisa on participating in the race, and on her growing strength and improved time!



Box squats for speed.  12×2 on the minute

For time:
60 push ups
100 Air squats

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