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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

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So you want to try CrossFit, but there is that little voice still in the back of your head saying “If you lift weights, you’ll get big and look all manly and stuff…Gross!”  You went to the gym, and even the coaches have told you that you have nothing to worry about.  You look around and convince yourself that the badass lean and strong chicks that you see at the gym must be really hitting their cardio hard, but it is amazing how they are able to hide their elliptical machines…. They must be around here somewhere.  Still not convinced that you won’t get big lifting heavy things?  Let me introduce you to Christine.  Christine runs a blog called Munchies, Muscle and Mischief. When you see her pictures on her website, you might say “If Ryan wants to talk about strong, what does this 5’2″ 130lb girl have to do with it?”  Well, I can tell you that she can out squat most of the guys at our gym.  How about that?  Here’s a video of her at a recent power lifting meet squatting 260lbs:





Still not convinced?  Here are 10 reasons that women won’t get big from lifting weights:

Top 10 Reasons Heavy Weights Don’t Bulk Up the Female Athlete

Happy lifting ladies!



There will be an open gym hour/ WOD makeup  at 2pm on Friday.  If you can’t make a regularly scheduled class, join your coaches for a WOD.  This is not a formal class, and instruction will be minimal as the coaches will be working out too!


Friday’s WOD:

Box Jumps for height

Tabata Shuttle runs
Tabata Sit Ups

For tabata shuttle runs:  outside, athletes line up, on “go” they run for 20 seconds.  On “rest” they stop, and turn around where they are.  On the second “go” they run back toward the start.  Eight rounds of 20 secs on, 10 secs off.  the goal is to hit the same spot each time.

Once the run is over, come directly inside for tabata situps.

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  1. I have no problem with people ripping on CrossFit. I think that there is plenty of room for criticism of CrossFit as a whole. I even have my own criticisms of CrossFit. In my opinion, she is a great example of how women can lift heavy and not “bulk up” as many women who are new to lifting weights are afraid of. I could rip a lot of her criticisms back, but I think our results at the gym speak well for themselves, and what do we have to gain from arguing on the internet?

  2. Terribly sorry if you read more into my question, but I truly was only interested in what you thought of her criticisms not in trying to bait you into an argument. Just an inquiring mind here. 🙂

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