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Body Foundations for CrossFitters, Ring Dips and Elizabeth

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Today I hope that those of you who can make it will attend the Body Foundations for CrossFitters class at 4pm. This half-hour class will be held today and Monday the 28th, with additional days and times to follow.

Body Foundations for CrossFitters is a class based around the Foundations Training technique that many of you have experienced as part of either your warm up or cool down in some of my classes. For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with the technique, it is a potent way to teach you how to engage your Posterior Chain (aka “the junk in your trunk) to build mid-line stability, all so that you can gain more control of your movement and become more badass!!

This class takes those elements to the next level. In class, you will learn techniques that you can directly apply to all of the movements we do in CrossFit. Today,  we will focus on techniques to improve your Cleans and ways to work your shoulder mobility and strength to postively affect your ability to do dips – all in preparation for “Elizabeth”!! Next Monday we will incorporate those movements in a way that will help you with everyone’s favorite 20 minutes of heaven – “Cindy!”

We will also offer this half-hour class at different times and on different days to ensure that everyone will have an opportunity to participate! Keep your eyes on the Blog and Facebook page for those details.

Come and join in – this class is included in your membership!



Monday’s Workout


Squat cleans (135/95# Rx)
Ring dips

Mandatory 15min cutoff. Pick weight and scaling appropriately so that the athlete completes in under 15mins.

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