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Bod Pod Body Composition Testing

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Bod Pod Body Composition Testing:

Body Composition Testing is on Tuesday May 23rd at the gym. Sign up sheet is in the gym. If you are away and need to sign up from remote please send a text to 707-337-9441 to indicate your ideal testing time. Appointments are on the 10 minute interval from 6AM-6PM. The cost for both before and after tests is a one-time $75.

Body Composition Testing is a great way to see where you are in your health, wellness and fitness. The Bod Pod is one of the most relevant and sensitive body composition instruments to measure changes in lean mass and fat mass over time.  The Bod Pod has become the number one device for measuring body composition because it is safe, fast, simple, and extremely accurate and reproducible. For those of you starting the Whole Life Challenge this is a must as there is no better benchmark that this test. 

Testing protocols: No eating or exercise two hours prior to testing.  Please wear tight fitting clothes like short shorts or compression shorts with a sports bra or any type of bathing suit for women and briefs or compression shorts for men.

We need good participation to get the Bod Pod on our street, so sign up now and please tell your friends!