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Bathroom Busted & House Keeping

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bathroom bustedBathroom Busted

We apologize for this enormous inconvenience! Steps are in place to get the pump repaired ASAP. In the meantime, with the bathroom busted, please go out the door by the Wall Ball dispenser, wind your way down the hallway, and there is a perfectly functional bathroom under the stairs on the west side of the building.




House Keeping

Now that we are in the modern world with Wodify for all of our performance tracking needs we are bathroom busted and housekeepingcleaning house! Do you want to keep your WOD book? If so please feel free to grab it and keep for posterity. Otherwise, we will gladly recycle all of the books by mid-June.

This is a great time to look back at those personal records in your WOD book and add some of that data to your Wodify profile. It’s great to come to the gym and move every day, and it’s even greater to see where we have been and strategize where we want to go. Wodify gives us an easy way to track all of that. Goal setting works (just check out these references to articles going over all the benefits), so use this housekeeping moment to think about where you want to be by mid-summer, Labor Day, Halloween and Christmas with your performance this year.



Lost & Found

Do any of these items look familiar to you? Please take them home before June 18thIMG_2884 or we will find another home for them.

Finally, in our housekeeping efforts, we ask that you ALWAYS clean up after yourself in the gym. We are making a concerted effort to up the level of cleanliness and tidiness. We ask for your support!


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