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Back Squats & Prowlers

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Anterior Chain-Posterior Chain. No matter how you attack this workout today you will be feeling it. You will need it ALL in today’s workout and woe to those of you who don’t stabilize your core (ABS OF STEEL). The Prowler has a variety of ways to mow you down. If you’re looking to keep working your squat biomechanics (more anterior chain dominant), push with high handles. If you are going for more work on your posterior chain (deadlift biomechanics), push with low handles. To be well rounded, switch at the halfway point. For those of you who have pushed Prowlers in the past, you know not to underestimate that last half of the pushing length. Also, beware–many push the Prowler with a rounded lumbar spine for prolonged periods, especially as fatigue sets in. Don’t be that person.



Wednesday’s WOD

Back Squats

Add 5# to your previous work load


AMRAP 10 min

This is designed to be FAST!

2 Prowler push 45/25
8 Kipping toes to bar
10 Push ups

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