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Back Squats & Hammer Gone Bad

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It’s Hammer time!  Sledgehammer training can and will develop strength in the core, muscular endurance, explosiveness, coordination, and will help you develop killer grip strength.  Hammer Gone Bad.  Make sure to bring your flannel.

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How are your back squats coming along?  Hopefully, if you’ve been following along these past few weeks, you should be seeing some significant gains from the beginning of this strength cycle.  Keeping a journal of your efforts really goes a long way and when it comes time to work on one rep max day, you’ll really be able to blow your previous PR out of the water.  So if you haven’t really taken this linear progression seriously, it’s now or never, baby.  Go for it!

Wednesday’s WOD

Back Squats
Start @ 80% of 1RM Back Squat. Linear progression. Target 5# increase per week

Hammer Gone Bad
3 rounds, 1 minute stations
Right hand sledge hammer swings
Box Jumps 20/16 (practice rebounding!)
Left hand sledge hammer swings
DB hang cleans (50/35) – or Double Kettlebell Cleans (53/35)

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