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Back Squats & Good Running Review

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Happy Valentines Day!  How about skipping all of the sugar you want to give to your loved ones this year (I mean back squats and sugar intake come ON already–we’ve had Halloween, Thanksgiving, all of the different Religions celebrating their December customs, those Girl Scouts are hunting us this week, how about a break already?  Is there one winter month we can take a break from medicating our stress with sugar from?  World Health Organization has released a draft guideline recommending that less than 10% of our energy intake for the day.  American Heart Association agrees.  That’s 9 teaspoons TOTAL per day for men and 6 teaspoons for women (4 grams of sugar equals 1 teaspoon).  I’ll let you do the math–here’s a little list to get you started.

Beef Bourguignon by Jacques Pepin

So here’s a special dinner you can make to show them how much you care.   A couple of  substitutions you can make for this is:  use lard instead of butter and sub 3 TBS. coconut flour  for the regular flour.  I also like to use short ribs to give it that added flavor–you’ll want closer to 3 lbs of short ribs if you go that route.  And then, of  course, omit the sugar  completely–you won’t miss it at all.  You can take all day to do this, you  don’t have to crank it  out in one session if you don’t have a 3  hour block to cook.



Squat Squat Squat.  Why do we do it all the time?  Here are some great reasons from Dr. Mercola (feel free to click over and see the full explanations).  Both front squats and back squats are beneficial–we’re focusing on back squats for this cycle–they:

  1. Build Muscle in Your Entire Body
  2. Facilitate Functional Exercise which in turn Makes Real-Life Activities Easier
  3. Burn More Fat
  4. Maintain Mobility and Balance
  5. Prevent Injuries
  6. Boost Your Sports Performance — Jump Higher and Run Faster
  7. Tone Your Backside, Abs and Entire Body
  8. Help with Waste Removal



Friday’s WOD

Back Squats
3 x 5
Start @ 80% of 1RM Back Squat. Linear progression. Target 5# increase per week

Review Pose Running Technique


3 Rounds

Run 800 m
Rest 60 Seconds
3 min AMRAP – Prowler Push for meters (45/25 on concrete, 25/10 on mats)
Rest 60 Seconds


2 minutes each
Straddle Stretch
Pike Stretch
Couch Stretch (2 min/side)

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