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Back Squats & Butt Blaster WOD

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Butt Blaster MachineDo you remember this crazy a*$ machine?  It was literally called the Butt Blaster. I can’t find any “functional” use for this movement but you better believe today’s WOD will really set your buns on fire!

Last week, I went on and on about sugar and taking a break from it–did you see all the mainstream news this week about new dietary guidelines?  Here’s a good article (rant) from a source that has been advocating these changes for a long time.

Getting to a 10% total of your daily calories from sugar takes some serious effort and changes on most people’s part. For those of you used to a Paleo type diet, very few, if any, changes will need to be made.  For everyone else, this is going to take some time out of your normal routine to get into the swing of things.  WHATEVER efforts you can make to get that sugar out of your diet do it–a good place to start is to omit and even ban from your life artificially sweetened (or otherwise) soda, soft drinks, and even fruit juice.  All right, go out there and have a great weekend and have fun with the Open workout!


Friday’s WOD


Back Squats
Start @ 80% of 1RM Back Squat. Linear progression. Target 5# increase per week
5 rounds of the butt blaster:
30 BB FR lunges 95/65
30 Russian KB swings 70/44
15 toes to bar.

Cash Out: Glute massage!

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