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Back Squats and for Dessert?

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With 15.1  put to bed and 15.2 here, I’m curious, How are you doing? During this 5 week period, it is particularly important to pay attention to your diet.  Your mood and energy levels are obviously directly affected by the dietary choices you make.  Paying attention to ALL of your macro-nutrient intake is important and making sure you are not overdoing it on one end of the spectrum–I’m specifically talking about “rewarding” yourself with sugar.  It’s easy to satisfy our stress with carbohydrates throughout the day but really, after your workouts is about the only time it’s BENEFICIAL to get sugar into your body.  Are you getting enough carbohydrates in your post workout meal?  The window is small–literally within 30 minutes of exercise–but it is crucial.  On the flip side, that window is the time when fat is NOT something you want to take on, it gets in the way of all that metabolizing of sugar that your muscles desperately want so they can recover and grow.  Here’s a quick explanation and suggestion on how to make that happen.  And here’s a fun article with a bunch of different athletes and nutrition gurus talking about what they do post workout and beyond.  It’s amazing all of the different ways people decide what’s best for them, and I’m not suggesting you do as they do– the point is they’ve all thought about and tried out what works best for them based on their goals and this should apply to your decision making process about what diet to follow and when to follow it.

Here’s an easy dish to prepare this weekend–great leftovers too–You can swap the artichokes out for asparagus or other spring veg that is popping up at the markets now.

Lulu Kebab Lulu Kebab and Back Squats

What about that dessert I promised?  Hmmm.  Must have misplaced that.  Better for you anyway:)



Friday’s WOD

Back Squats
Start @ 80% of 1RM Back Squat. Linear progression. Target 5# increase per week

5 rounds for time
15 kettlebell swings (53/35)
10 walking lunges with bell overhead

Make this fast and furious!

Cash Out #1: Tabata dumbbell curls

Cash Out #2: Mobility

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