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And The Winners Are……

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….All who play!

 Friday night we celebrated The Open. If you were there we thank you for all the fun. If you couldn’t make it we missed you!

We had over 50 people from Wine Country CrossFit do The Open this year.  We randomly divided them into two groups: Team Flexies, led by Coach Alyx, and Team No-Wineing led by Coach Nick.

It takes an entire village to pull off The Open. Special shout out to Richard Harrison and my Argentinian friend Marcos who tirelessly prepared the room every Friday. An additional should out to Lyn Collins and Shawna Sterle who both created spread sheets and calculated points each week. Let’s not forget about Lena Pollastro who used her lovely penmanship to make the WODs legible and held our volunteer judges to standards.

Among our teen athletes Eva Wendel finished 3rd, Ben Mineau was in 2nd, and Zach Zurowski in 1st. Zach is 15 years old but is still the size of a boy. Due to CrossFit age-group rules he competes in the 16-17 category. Many teen boys of that age have the size and strength of men. Zach finished 94th in his age group. Hats off Zach to your work ethic!

The CrossFit age groups are diverse and many. Inside our gym we simplified things to keep it fun. For our in-house competition if you are 40 or older we consider you a Master. As such, Lyn Collins took 3rd, Lena Pollastro took second, and Coach Hilary took first! For the men Richard Harrison took 3rd, Kris Conemac 2nd, and David Zurowski 1st. There are a lot of winners in that Zurowski clan!

In the Open category which is anyone 18-39, Coach Alyx took 3rd, Beverlee Rabanal took 2nd, and Perla Aquilar stood on top of our podium. In the men’s division Derrick Light took 3rd, Dave Flores took 2nd, and Coach Nick stood at the top.

There were 360,000 people that competed in The Open this year. The most competitive age groups are the open men and women. There were 204,853 men signed up. Special shout out to our very own Coach Nick Hunter who finished in 2,743rd place. Nick, you rock and we are proud of you!

At the end of the day we all want to do well, and we want our team to get The Cup! Each week teams won points through participation on many levels including doing the WODs, logging the scores, judging, dressing up, bringing snacks, etc. Team Flexies finished week one in the lead. Team No-wineing took over in week two. Week three they switched places again. Team No-wineing took it back week four and stayed in the lead through the finish. Congrats to all of the people on Coach Nick’s Team No-wineing! The Cup is your’s until we do The Open again in October.

Normally The Open is a once-a-year event that always starts in late February. It is a filter for Regionals, which leads to the CrossFit Games in July. The format and time of year of the CrossFit Games are in transition. This year they will still take place in late July in Madison, WI. In 2020 the CrossFit Games will be in the early spring. As such, we will do the  2020 Open this fall, in October.

What this means: In seven short months we get to do this all over again! Did you pinpoint your weaknesses over the last few months? Now is the time to start honing in, so that by October you can improve your performance.

We thank you for the wonderful 2019 Open. We look forward to the 2020 Open in just a few months with all of you!