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Recap and Coming Up–Agility Work

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Recap and Announcements

Image result for muscle up agilityOur Monday Gymnastics Class was a success! During the last month we worked on all the pieces of the muscle up, and during the final class I personally witnessed the results with some folks up above the rings. Thanks to all who attended, and we will offer it again after Labor Day at the end of the summer.



Friday Night Lights

It is here! Please arrive at 6PM this Friday June 5th to warm up. First heat starts promptly at 6.30. There is some mystery surrounding the evening, but rumor has it that we will see Front Squats, Pull-ups, Ring Dips, Bar Muscle-ups, Snatches and Double Unders on the menu. Everything is scalable, and I believe you even get to share the work-load with a partner.




Mobility WOD Seminar This Sunday

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June 7th is the day to invest in yourself and your well-being. Attend this compact and information-dense CrossFit Seminar to better yourself and gain tools to help your loved ones. Movement and mobility effects every aspect of our lives, and you will never experience your own body and its tightness in the same way.


No Open Gym

Due to the Mobility WOD Seminar there will be No Open Gym on Sunday June 7


Thursday’s WOD

Coaches Choice Agility Course

be snappy with your agility work, it will serve you well in the work following!

Max Effort Push Ups. Good Form!!!! 100 push ups challenge initial test

6 rounds for time:

8 Good Form Push Ups
10 Prone Body Rows – Pulling to bottom of rib cage
12 Box Jumps
30 Double Unders

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