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Aerial Arts, Trying New Things, and Kettlebells

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Aerial Arts at Wine Country CrossFit

So, I’m on week 4 of my Aerial Arts Basics Classes, and I am REALLY enjoying it! I know that you know what I’m talking about, because even if you haven’t read any of the recent posts about the program, I KNOW you’ve seen the fabric set up in the East Wing and possibly even seen the artists themselves up in the air!

What I love about it is that it is something new for my body and mind to experience, and as a result it is a challenge – a REALLY fun challenge, too! Plus, I’ve had a chance to meet six new Napkins who I might not have met before!


The ability that my body has to try new things is one of the most incredible benefits I get out of CrossFit. The strength, conditioning, mobility and flexibility training that I do allows me to pretty much just try ANYTHING that’s out there! Rock Climbing? Done! Stand-Up Paddleboarding? Yep, that too! Triathlons? You bet! Snowboarding? Wow, am I ever better at that nowadays! It’s not to say that I am AMAZING at any of those things, but I can try them without fear of injuring myself and with a pretty good chance of getting the hang of it early on.

Basically what I’m saying is that YES, ABSOLUTELY, CrossFit in and of itself is an amazing way to get your body and mind to go places you never thought possible. But, sometimes, those places might be just slightly off the beaten bar, and you may only need to look “up” to find them!

Maybe it won’t be Aerial Arts for you (though you should all at least THINK about trying it!), but I challenge you to go out and “regularly learn and play new sports” (Greg Glassman’s words, not mine) and see what all that time spent lifting, all those WODs and all that Cashing-Out has done for you!



Monday’s Workout

Kettlebells – Practice skill and technique (coaches’ choice skill)

WOD – “Pet Rock”
15 min AMRAP
15 KB Swing
30 ALTERNATING KB Snatch (15 per side, MUST be alternating)
15 Goblet Squat with KB
30 ALTERNATING KB Clean + Jerk (15 per side, MUST be alternating)
Run 400 m WITH Kettlebell (sub walk 200 m)

OPTIONAL Cash-out – 5 Minute Hamstring Stretch PER SIDE

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