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1RM Back Squat, AMRAP & Magic

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Sterling Dietz is a world class magician who will perform at the Lincoln Theater on Saturday the 29th. Shows are at 3 and 7PM, and tix are $20. Not only does this look to be a GREAT show, but it is also a fundraiser for Stone Bridge School where many of our children are educated. Check out the article about Sterling last week in the Napa Register. You can purchase tickets at the Lincoln Theater online, or pick them up from Beth in the gym. We have our hands on some great seats, so please don’t miss out on The Magic of Sterling; More Than Magic!



Enjoy Chef Walter’s delicious Indian Cali fusion cuisine in Yountville every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 noon to 8PM. The Dabba Food Truck is parked in the Ad Hoc parking lot. Dress for this event is casual.

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Today we will see what benefit and strength we have gained from the last 6 week back squat cycle. When attempting a 1 Rep Max the warm up is key. Now is the time to remember – again – that the quality of our working sets is directly related to the quality of our warm up. Don’t skimp on that warm up, and be strategic in charting where you intend to go!


Monday’s WOD

Back Squats

Find your 1 Rep Max


AMRAP 8 minutes

8 Push-ups
8 Pullups
8 V-Ups

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