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11th Anniversary Party: Success!

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11 years is a long time in the CrossFit world.

When we “opened our doors” in a backyard on Massa Drive many years ago CrossFit was a foreign concept. Its journey from a grass roots movement to a house hold name speaks volumes about the efficacy of functional fitness. CrossFit is not a passing fad. We’re excited to have begun in its infancy and to be thriving in our Napa community today.

CrossFit now has over 17,000 affiliates world wide. Being an early adopter meant for a steep learning curve. We immediately saw the importance of focus on mobility as it tends to be a core issue that affects everyone and we have made that a core value of our mission. We also want members from all age groups to feel comfortable walking through our doors and finding a program that is a match for their individual needs. We feel that these areas of importance have created an environment that feels like home.

We love our community and are so happy to have had the opportunity to celebrate this anniversary with you. Thank you for sharing this special day with us and thank you for showing up every day to better yourself. It allows us to carry on the legacy in this amazing space for growth and change.