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Social Calendar Re-Vamp for 2014 and Gymnastics Day

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Social Calendar Re-Vamp for 2014!!

Okay guys!

So now that we’re (mostly) back in the swing of things, it’s time to revisit our Social Calendar!!

First, let’s get some social events on the Board and the Gym – hikes, runs, bike rides, rock climbing, drinks, bowling – just put it up there and see who wants to join you!

Second, we have been trying to get some groups together to participate in a couple of events this year, but I have had CRICKETS for responses so far!

The original idea was to choose three events to participate in as a team (though you can of course sign up for whatever you want!) and see if there is a desire for event-specific training for those who participate.

The positive responses were for:

  • NorCal Tough Mudder (April 12 & 13)
  • Sacramento Spartan Super (Date not confirmed)
  • Sprint and/or Olympic Distance Triathlons
  • San Francisco Color Run (March 15)
  • CrossFit and CrossFit-style Competitions (any specific suggestions?)

I will put sign-up sheets for each of these events/categories, and we’ll give you all one week to sign up. Then we’ll move forward and see what kind of programming people are interested in.

Let’s go Team WCCF!



Tuesday’s Workout

Muscle-up Practice – 10 minutes

Handstand Walking/Wall Walk Practice – 10 minutes

WOD – 3 x 500 m Run (700 m Row), rest 1:1

NOTE – Keep pace of run/row sets to within 5 seconds of each other. If your pace is more than 5 seconds different, it is a 10 burped penalty per round!

OPTIONAL Cash-Out – 5 minute Pike Stretch + 5 minute Straddle Stretch. Go ahead. I DARE YOU!!

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