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Winter Hydration

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We all know that staying hydrated in the hot summer months is important and we feel the signs in our body. The sweat dripping down our face and back, the overwhelming thirst and the instinct guiding us to cool down our core temperature, but when its cold outside its easy to forget the importance of hydrating without these cues. 

In the colder weather, our body adapts and behaves differently. We don’t tend to “feel” that need for water as intensely.  Biologically, our thirst triggers are more suppressed and our body fluid moves from our extremities to our core resulting in more frequent urination.  When we come to workout, we layer up and those layers absorb the sweat that otherwise we would notice. Our sweat also evaporates more quickly in the cold. You can see proof of this when your buddy started “steaming” during or after a workout.

 For these reasons, we must stay diligent to remember to hydrate. Staying hydrated keeps us in a better state to recover quickly and stay healthy in the midst of cold season as water boosts our immune system and is the most natural method for detox. Here are a couple tips to consider in remembering to hydrate:

1. Set a volume goal

Determine how much water you need to drink. The recommended formula is to drink half your body weight in ounces. If you weight 150 pounds, you would drink 75 ounces of water per day.  I like to add some extra ounces for good measure. 

2. Theres an app for that!

Track your water intake with an apps. There are many apps that can send you reminders throughout the day and to track your daily progress.  Find an apps that works well with your devices, you may even already have one as a feature that you are not aware of. 

3. Conscious Chugging 

Something that has helped me increase my water intake is to take advantage of those moments that I have my water bottle in my hand and drink more than just a sip. Chug down at least 8 ounces every time you open your bottle and you’ll get through it before you know it!

4. Invest in a good water bottle.

Having a good sized, durable water bottle can make a world of difference in increasing our water intake. Knowing that you just need to drink 2-3 fills of your specific bottle makes the task seem a little more attainable than having to locate and track disposable bottles. It is also more eco-friendly!

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