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What are you Making Happen in 2020?

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Now that the festivities are over and we are back to our regular day to day schedule, it is easy to fall back into routine. In our last post we talked about making a list of things from  2019 and  the 2010s as a whole that taught us something or that we were grateful for. Now we move forward. 

French weightlifter and 1920 Olympic champion Ernest Cadine, 1923
French weightlifter and 1920 Olympic champion Ernest Cadine, 1923

What do you want your 2020 to look like? What lessons from the decade past will you now use to make positive change going forward?  Some of you may have already set intentions for the new year and thats great! Now, is the time to put the plan in place to achieve them!

If you have not yet, I challenge you to sit down in this first week of 2020 and think about some things you want to change and/or accomplish. Set big goals for some power motivation and also set smaller,  more easily achievable goals that are going to boost your confidence when you check them off the list. 

I like to choose at least 3 different areas of life and set goals in each. For example, a fitness goal, a personal growth goal and a nutrition goal. Write them down and get specific!  This can be a great activity to do with family or friends so you have a support team to help you stay accountable.  Making a visible reminder can also help to keep those goals in mind every day. Stayed tuned for more information about the vision board party on February 2nd!

If you need help setting a fitness, nutrition  or any other type of goal, come talk to your WCCF coaches and family. We have a great community to share ideas and offer support!!