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Weightlifting for the Brain: Age and Alzheimers

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 When it comes to our health over time, we know that keeping the body moving to stay strong is important. If we stop moving, our muscles and joints get weak and stiff as we age. But how do we keep our brain strong? How do we remedy forgetfulness or a slowing down of mental accuity? 

According to new studies, Resistance or weight training is being seen to improve our brain function in the elderly and even more specifically, those with Alzheimers. “Our findings suggest that the aging brain remains modifiable.” The studies found that with exercise, the brain increased in size and function. Weight training specifically proved to improve cognitive function more so than other types of exercise. Read more about these studies Here.

Seniors may be hesitant to pursue weight training due to fears of getting injured or just being unable to perform the movements, but as we know in CrossFit, everything is scalable. We can modify any movement to fit individual ability and maintain the effectiveness of the movement. 

On March 15th, at Wine Country CrossFit, we will be starting a program specifically for our senior population called “L.I.F.E: Longevity In Functional Efficiency”.  This 2 day per week program will focus on strengthening functional movements to make daily tasks easier and as these studies show, the added benefits of improved brain health!  The programs is for those ages 50-80. Please spread the word to your loved ones so the can come be a part of our community and get moving!