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We Brunched!

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Vision Board Brunch Recap!

This past Sunday, the women of Wine Country CrossFit gathered to craft and create our vision boards to put our future goals into visible form. Coach Hilary hosted us for a beautiful brunch and Coach Beth led us in an activity to brainstorm what we want to see for the short term and long term. 

This is an exercise you can do at home by taking a blank piece of paper and writing in each of the 4 corners: Lifetime, 3 Years, 1 Year and 3 months. Take a few minutes to write a handful of wish list items for each timeline. Choose one from each section and this is a great way to start your own vision board or goals list and pinpoint which is most important to you now. 

Thank you to our hosts and to all who came out for the event, we love to see our fit family come together to share and grow our community. We hope to see you all at the next event!